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Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: If details about an item are not listed or pictured in the auction, please do not assume it’s included with the item

Kindly study cautiously those phrases and situations earlier than the use of CrispTech internet site.

Using our internet site, you settle to all of the below-noted phrases of its utilization, prison agreements and all different situations confirmed on any phase of our internet site.

CrispTech reserves the right to modify, consist of or exclude the phrases of its utilization anytime, so it's miles endorsed, on every occasion you operate our internet site re-study or evaluation the cutting-edge conditions to test whether or not there are a few adjustments or now no longer. All the images, textual content and facts proven on our internet site are the copyrighted assets of CrispTech and if it's used on another internet site is illegal through law. If you do now no longer agree, or are discontent or disenchanted through our privacy, then its miles higher to prevent using our internet site. False sports at the internet site prohibited. If you appropriately observe those cutting- edge phrases and situations, it'll defend you from any prison obligations.

1. Limitation of Our Responsibility and Repudiation:

CrispTech primarily based totally on “as is” and “as available”, its system is completely at user`s risk. It is important to say right here that neither CrispTech nor its subsidiaries, designs or any of its any individual directors, officers, third-party content providers, mediators, sponsors, suppliers, dealers, designers, contractors, licensors guarantee that the use of this website will be continuous, stable or without error.

CrispTech and its connections do now no longer assure the preciseness, truthfulness or perfection of the furnished content material at the internet site or the gadgets or supplied saleable services. Additionally, CrispTech makes no layout that the internet site`s content material is associated to, or suitable to be used in localities out of doors United States borders. All the ensures are disowned through our internet site and its associates whether or not at once defined or now no longer, regarding however now no longer restrained to warranties of the title, marketability or health for any unique objective. Neither any verbal or inscribed facts furnished through CrispTech nor its associates shall make any assurance. Any assurance can be well-known or restrained relying on states, therefore won't be suitable for all. CrispTech and its associates aren't chargeable for any damages in anyway in any circumstances, which might be constituted of your use or loss of competencies to apply this internet site, and which may have passed off at once or indirectly, in particular or incidentally, from using facts attained from the CrispTech internet site that ends in you in interruptions, deletion, omission, mistakes, or alteration of files, past due transmission and processes, viruses, cyber threats or any loss of achievement in performance.

The above restrictions apply to any cause of proceedings, whether contractual, tort, or otherwise, even if our authorized agent or agent on our website is informed of the possibility of such damages. It is important to inform all users that this paragraph applies to all content available on our website. If you are from a state that does not allow the exclusion or limitation of the resulting damage or problem, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

2. Appearance of Products:

Products on CrispTech are presented with the finest precision. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage after the order has been shipped, in this regard you can read the return policy or the difference may be due to the nature of the item. Different display panels used by users.

3. Website Inaccuracies:

Prices for products and services and their availability are subject to change without notice. CrispTech reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies whenever exposed or invalidated any declared offer, even after the order has been placed and the order has been confirmed by you and invoiced or not.

If CrispTech is unable to fulfill your order, it will return the amount billed to your credit card account. The timeframe for returning this amount depends on the individual bank's policy. CrispTech also offers a return policy for purchased items, if the buyer is not completely satisfied with their purchase.

4. Reasons of Price Difference on Some Web Pages:

If the price displayed on our website is different from the advertised price, there are many reasons for this difference.

CrispTech is updated regularly; if price difference persists, it may be due to some external/third party technology providers using website caching such as:

Product, service and availability prices may vary without prior notice. CrispTech reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies whenever it is discovered or to cancel any stated offer, even after the order has been placed and regardless of whether the order has been confirmed and delivered to you or not. If CrispTech is unable to fulfill your request, it will restore the paid invoice to your MasterCard account. Total payback period depends on individual banking strategies. CrispTech also offers an exchange service for purchased items, if the buyer is not completely satisfied with their purchase.

Web browser (if the user has enabled the web browser setting to "store temporary Internet files" or "make a page available offline")

Internet Service Provider (ISP) (if ISP uses use caching to provide older copies of the website with its updated version).

Directories and archiving technology (e.g. "web.archive.org")

Search engines (e.g. Google™)

Any of the above technology providers are beyond their control we may provide the old and cached versions of our websites, which may reflect pricing and other content differences. For the above reasons, we will not be responsible for such discrepancies.

5. Policy of Sales Tax:

We design and collect sales tax according to national laws. If you claim tax-exempt status, you are required to provide your state with a tax-exempt certification prior to purchasing an item.

6. Means of Payment:

Generally, until we ship the item to you or confirm store availability, your debit or credit card will not be charged. At the time of delivery of your order, we may calculate the exact amount with the appropriate shipping or taxes, but before that, now when you place your order, we will pre-calculate your order amount. You to your credit card or credit card. Issuer, which may affect your existing credit line. You can contact your credit card issuer for more questions.

7. Order Validation and Rejection:

Your request is approved by checking your costs technique and shipping address. CrispTech claims in its sole discretion to terminate or reduce the requested amount without giving any reason. If so, a denial of this request will occur; a notice will be sent to you by e-mail. Normally, your credit card or check card won't be charged in the event of contract termination, but if the card has already been charged, the full discount will be taken.

8. Order Acceptance and Confirmation:

CrispTech reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason, even if you have received some form of prior confirmation of your order.

9. Order Shipping and Loss:

Subject to availability, orders will be shipped using the CrispTech shipping strategy. If no items are shipped, which is a rare occurrence, users must notify us within 10 days of receiving a shipment confirmation email about their lost items.

10. Usage Termination:

Any user can be banned from using CrispTech at any time. However, the user will still be responsible for paying for orders placed prior to termination. CrispTech also asserts the right to change, remove or suspend any part of our website at any time citing any reason or notice.